Friday, December 3, 2010

Random day starts randomly.


  1. WOW.
    You're amazing!
    I was just scrolling through the pictures, and I was like,"This one's the best, no wait this one is, woah, that ones super cool!!"
    One question, where did you click the one with the tiger?? I guess that one appealed to me the most!
    Also, could you like post a few pictures every post? That way it would be easier to soak in the awesomeness, and perhaps pick a favourite too! :)

  2. thanks Priyanka, the tiger one was taken in Delhi zoo. I will keep ur suggestion in mind :)

  3. I'm extremely impressed. I had gone through your work before when Nil showed it to me. But seeing it again still leaves me awestruck at it's beauty. I wish I could handle the camera like that. =)

  4. thank you so much, just spend sometime with ur camera and it will comfort u to handle it :D